2016 Kish Fellows

Surajudeen Abolade, Nigeria

Dr. Abolade is currently employed as a Principle Statistician at the National Bureau of Statistics in Nigeria.  He is confident that his course selection will help in updating his knowledge in recent approach to sampling techniques and also in choice of appropriate statistical tools for data analysis.

Allen Kabagenyi, Uganda

Ms. Kabagenyi is currently employed as an Assistant Lecturer at Makerere University. As a researcher and demographer, she has had a chance to work on a number of surveys in the capacity of Principal investigator, Field supervisor, quality assurance coordinator and research assistant. She is hopeful that these courses will assist her in survey research techniques where she can share with students and colleagues.

Maria Nanyemba, Namibia

Ms. Nanyemba is currently employed as a Sampling Statistician at Namibia Statistics Agency.  She believes these courses will enhance her sampling knowledge and she will be able to apply this in her day-to-day operations since there are so many stakeholders in the National Statistical System (NSS) that need sampling assistance in executing their surveys. She also believes the course will be a strong foundation for her Master’s degree in Survey Methodology.

Owen Siyoto, Zambia

Mr. Siyoto is currently employed as a Statistician at the Central Statistical Office in Zambia.  He believes this course selection will help develop the skills and give him a more in-depth understanding of mathematical principles and modern methods for data analysis. He also believes the skills obtained from the course will also help build a Statistical Business Register of establishments which is the frame of all economic surveys and formal employment surveys.

Frieda Mboshono Theofelus, Namibia

Ms. Theofelus is currently employed as a Sampling Statistician with Namibia Statistics Agency.  She is looking forward to gaining knowledge and the skills she needs in survey design and sampling by taking the summer courses.