2017 Andrews Fellows

Igor Gavrilov, Republic of Moldova 

Mr. Gavrilov is currently working as an Analyst for his company Katoen Natie.  While being a UNICEF consultant he felt the needed to get a deeper education in Survey Methodology. The Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians and selected courses are essential for him as a MICS consultant. His next goal is to become a MICS consultant for regional UNICEF office in Geneva and he believes these courses will help him to achieve his goal.

Erick Ssegujja, Uganda 

Mr. Ssegujja currently works as a Research Fellow at Makerere University of Public Health. He is confident that these courses will sharpen his skills in qualitative and mixed research methods especially in the areas of maternal and child health. As a PhD student in Public Health at School of Public Health University of the Western Cape (South Africa), he hopes to use the learning from the summer institute to help me further fine tune the methods for his thesis.