2017 Kish Fellows

Adedayo Adeyemi, Nigeria

Dr. Adeyemi is currently employed as a Senior Research Fellow/Statistical Epidemiologist at the Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Evaluation. He wants to strengthen his research and analytic skills, and acquire advanced statistical modeling skills in survey designs to improve public health practice. He is confident this program will offer him the methodological framework to develop in-depth interventional skills using survey and statistical tools for infectious diseases control and evaluation.

Ngawo Banda, Zambia

Ms. Banda is currently employed as a Statistician at the Central Statistical Office in Zambia.  In Zambia, social and economic surveys are needed to plan, assess and interpret the rapid social and economical changes as well as guide policy direction. She wants to know how to analyze data in a proper way using STATA, SPSS or any other suitable package as well as survey design and sampling. Such skills will help her and her country to have proper estimates for agricultural, social and economic estimates.

Marcus Vinicius Fernandes, Brazil

Mr. Fernandes is currently working as a Statistician at IBGE - Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica.  He has been working for two years in the Methods Department of the Brazilian Institute and they have some new projects in this area. He is confident these courses will contribute to bring more knowledge not only for him but also to his colleagues and so we can put these projects into practice.

Siow Li Lai, Malaysia

Dr. Lai is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Malaya. She believes these courses will enhance her knowledge in sampling and survey methods, and improve her ability on analyzing survey data and report writing. She is also interested to learn more about the various stages of a survey, including planning, coverage, methods of data collection and questionnaire design. As a lecturer in the Department of Applied Statistics, she will be teaching Survey and Sampling Methods in the near future. This course will be useful for her teaching and research.

Claudia Ordenes, Chile

Ms. Ordenes currently works as a Researcher at Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile. The Survey and Longitudinal Studies Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is dedicated to the evaluation of public policies through the implementation of scientific sample surveys. Currently, I am part of the research team in charge of the design and execution of studies at a national scale in topics such as social protection, health, education, tourism and economy. These courses will allow me to obtain a better understanding about sample design, sample selection, complex survey data and will lead me to make better decisions during my field work.

Stephan Samuell, Trinidad

Mr. Samuell currently works as an Economic Sector Officer at the Central Bank/ Central Statistical Office.  He is confident these courses will equip him with the proper training to secure a position of sampling statistician at the national Central Statistical Office and enhance his career in the field of statistics.