2018 Andrews Fellows

Bishnu Adhikari, Nepal

Mr. Adhikari is currently working as a Data Manager for the Institute for Social and Environmental Research in Nepal. Currently, he is studying MA in sociology and this course will help him towards his degree. He is working (currently on study leave) at a research organization (institute) as a data manager in Nepal and is working as a training assistant in survey data analysis training organized by his organization. This course will be helpful to strengthen his analytical capacity.

Claudio Katurebe, Uganda

Mr. Katurebe is currently working as a Field Manager with Ichuli Institute (with funding from University of Illinois). Attending these courses will help him with the skills to train and equip Uganda enumerators with survey design skills as well. He believes learning theories about survey design and teaching enumerators by explaining in plain language would improve the quality of data and the projects.

Emmanuel Nkanda, Benin

Mr. Nkanda is currently a student at the African School of Economics. His short term career goal is to be able to plan effectively for field experiments. The courses in sampling and questionnaire design will give him this ability to understand various sampling techniques. The courses in questionnaire design will give him a background to critically assess built questionnaires, and will serve as a starting point to implement sound questionnaires.