2013 Kish Fellows

Amr Abdelwahed, Egypt

Mr. Abdelwahed received his BS from Banha University in Egypt, and is now studying to complete his master’s. He is currently employed by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) as a statistical researcher in demographics. He hopes that the Summer Institute will educate him on new survey techniques that he will be able to apply to his field experience with CAPMAS and contribute to the development of Egypt.

Oyunbileg Delgersaikhan, Mongolia

Ms. Delgersaikhan has an MA from the National University of Mongolia. Currently, she is employed by the National Statistical Office in Mongolia as a statistician and main member of the sampling team. As a developer of economic and social surveys, she hopes that the Summer Institute will help to expand her theoretical knowledge base of sampling design in order to improve the surveys that come out of the NSO.

Shah Ghulam Muhammad, Pakistan

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad received an MA at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Pakistan. Currently he works as a Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Technical Specialist at the Aga Khan Foundation in Afghanistan. By participating in the Summer Institute, he hopes to deepen his understanding for some of the more challenging aspects of sampling design. These skills will benefit the long term and large scale research he does on development and education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hamidulla Hamdamov, Uzbekistan

Mr. Hamdamov has an MA from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, Japan. He is currently employed as the head of the sociology department at the Institute for Social Researches under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He hopes that the Summer Institute and sampling program help him to become a better social scientist, and help his institution in meeting the challenges of maintaining social stability and development in Uzbekistan.

Aluwisio Mukavhi, Zimbabwe

Mr. Mukavhi attended the University of Zimbabwe and is currently employed by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency as a sampling manager. He hopes that the courses in the Summer Institute’s Sampling Program will give him the skills to assess which sampling designs fit a research study. This understanding will help make his agency more efficient when it comes to sampling.

Besa Muwele, Zambia

Mr. Muwele received a master’s degree from the Institute of Social Studies. Currently, he works as a Senior Statistician at the African Development Bank in Zambia. He is a trained economic statistician and has expanded his scope to labor force statistics. He hopes that the Summer Institute will help deepen his understanding of sampling methods and improve his technical skills in order for him to be an informed advisor to African countries who need assistance with development.

Bello Solomon, Nigeria

Dr. Solomon received a Master’s degree and PhD from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. Currently he works at the National Population Commission as an Assistant Director. He hopes to improve his skills in producing accurate and reliable data that informs decision making in the health sector at the National Population Commission. He also hopes to that the Summer Institute will assist in selecting a sample for his PhD program.