University Facilities

Summer Institute participants are eligible to use many university facilities during the program including libraries, computing sites, housing, and recreational areas. Use of some facilities may require a fee.  Summer Institute courses are held on the central campus of the University of Michigan, usually at Mason Hall.

Compressed Video Technology

The SRC Summer Institute offers courses in College Park, Maryland through the Joint Program in Survey Research (see section on Graduate Degree Programs in Survey Methods). The partnership between the Summer Institute and the Joint Program establishes a second site for the Summer Institute in the Washington, D.C. area. This partnership enriches course offerings in Ann Arbor through the use of compressed video technology enabling a course to be taught simultaneously in both locations. University of Michigan faculty and staff, most associated with the Survey Research Center, teach in the Joint Program, sometimes at the College Park campus, sometimes in Ann Arbor. Participants are only allowed to enroll for Summer Institute courses as Summer Scholars in Maryland if space permits. Priority is given to University of Maryland students. A classroom in the Institute for Social Research in Ann Arbor and one in the Joint Program offices in College Park are equipped with this technology. An instructor in Ann Arbor or College Park can see, hear, and communicate with students at the remote site. Several courses in the Summer Institute will use this technology and are indicated as "Video Course" in the course description section and on the Time Schedule in the middle of the brochure. Instructors travel between the host site and the remote site on a regular basis to have face-to-face contact with students at both locations. Courses offered via video are indicated on the Time Schedule.


Some Summer Institute courses have computer laboratories in computing classrooms. For homework assignments and personal computing, participants are assigned a login to use on one of the many computers in the Angell Hall Courtyard, which is maintained by the University’s Information Technology Division. This public computing site includes nearly 360 computers total (130 Macs, 230 Dell PCs), Sun workstations, and several Unix machines. Many standard software packages are available for word processing, spreadsheets, database management, graphics, data analysis, and email. Access to computing sites requires a University of Michigan “uniqname" and password, provided by the Summer Institute staff.  Email services are available for Summer Institute participants in two forms. First, and most highly recommended, is access via the Internet to participants’ own email systems at their home institutions. This is recommended to avoid distribution of a new email address to friends and colleagues seeking to contact you during your stay in Ann Arbor, and is available to you immediately upon arrival. Participants need to bring an address for their home email system. Alternatively, participants may use their University of Michigan “uniqname" for email. These accounts are closed when participants’ courses end.

Health Service

In the event of a minor medical emergency, participants may consult (for a fee) the University Health Service at 207 Fletcher Street, telephone: 734-764-8320. The Summer Institute will supply the Health Service with the names of our program participants and the dates of the Summer Institute. This should assure access to these facilities for Summer Scholars and will explain the variation from standard UM term dates for registered students. All visitors should bring evidence of health insurance with them in case of more complicated medical needs. International participants are required to have medical insurance which may be purchased upon arrival through the U-M International Center.

Services at University Health Services will require payment at the time of service. The daily hours are listed on their website.

Students With Disabilities

The Summer Institute will provide a training program accessible to all participants. Applicants should inform the Summer Institute as soon as possible of any special classroom or equipment needs. Participants may directly contact the University’s Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at 734-763-3000.

Library Facilities

Summer Institute participants have “guest borrowing” privileges within the University of Michigan Library system. Details regarding using the services available will be provided once you arrive in Ann Arbor to attend the Summer Institute.

For detailed information regarding the various University of Michigan Libraries and services, please view the Library Services website.

Campus Athletic and Recreation Facilities

The Central Campus Recreational Building (CCRB) is located at 401 Washtenaw Avenue, near the Hill Area Dorms,

Summer Scholars will need to purchase access at the CCRB Business Office. When you arrive to purchase a pass, tell the desk staff that you are a participant in the SRC Summer Institute. Your name should be on a list there, and you must have an MCard. Please contact the CCRB’s main office for current rates.  Friends of U  rates,

Contact Central Campus Recreation Building