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RSD Webinar: Case Studies in Responsive Design Research: Face to Face and Phone Surveys

Course Date: June 29

Days: W (9:00am-1:00pm)

This webinar will explore several well-developed examples of RSD. Dr. West will serve as a moderator of the webinar, and also introduce a case study from the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG). The instructors will then provide independent examples of the implementation of RSD in different international surveys using face-to-face and telephone modes of data collection. All case studies will be supplemented with discussions of issues regarding the development and implementation of RSD. Case studies will include the NSFG, the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life (RDSL) survey, and the Netherlands Survey of Consumer Satisfaction, among others. This variety of case studies will reflect a diversity of survey conditions. The NSFG (West) is a cross-sectional survey that is run on a continuous basis with in-person interviewing. The RDSL (West) is a small-scale panel survey that employed a mixed-mode approach to collecting weekly journal data from a panel of young women. The Netherlands Survey of Consumer Satisfaction (Schouten) is a mixed-mode survey combining web and mail survey data collection with telephone interviewing. The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (AddHealth; Murphy) employs adaptive design in a longitudinal framework, using web, mail, telephone, and face-to-face modes of data collection.  The focus of the course will be on practical tools for implementing RSD in a variety of conditions, including small-scale surveys.

Not for academic credit. 

Instructor: Brady T. West