RSD Webinar: Data Quality Indicators-Lecture

Course Date: July 20

This first part of a two-part webinar series on data quality indicators will provide an overview of statistical approaches to evaluating data quality. The response rate has been shown to be a poor indicator for data quality with respect to nonresponse bias. Several alternatives have been proposed – the fraction of missing information (FMI), R-Indicators, subgroup response rates, etc. This webinar will explore the use of these indicators as guides for data collection when working within an RSD framework. We also explore optimization techniques that may be useful when designing a survey to maximize these alternative indicators. The consequences of optimizing a survey to other indicators will be explored. We will also consider how the response rate fits into this approach. We will end with a brief discussion of methods for post data collection evaluation of data quality.

RSD has financial support available to those who qualify.

Not for academic credit.