77th Annual Summer Institute

June 3 – July 26, 2024

The Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques is a teaching program of the Survey Research Center at the Institute for Social Research. It is located on the central campus of the University of Michigan at 426 Thompson Street in Ann Arbor. The summer courses are select offerings from the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science.

All 2024 courses will be offered in an alternative remote format with the exception of the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians. Payment of Summer Scholar and workshop fees must be made in full before you will be officially registered for class. Fees are based on total “course hours” (assigned to each course as shown in the section on description of courses and on the 2024 course schedule) although no formal academic credit is actually earned.  Registration is open until the week before a course is scheduled to start.

Our courses this summer will be offered primarily by two-way, live video through a platform that supports lectures and group work. In some cases, courses are offered in a flipped format in which lectures are video recorded for students to watch on-demand and then meet with their instructor by two-way live video to discuss the lectures, readings, and problem sets. All classes are scheduled in US Eastern Time Zone.

We have been offering courses in remote formats for many years through our connection with the graduate programs at the Universities of Michigan and Maryland which share all courses by live classroom-to-classroom video.

We understand that some participants were looking forward to visiting Ann Arbor, networking and participating in social activities. As an alternative, we are planning several virtual social and networking activities in which participants will meet informally (by live video) with their instructors and just with each other in small groups to discuss various topics, some related to courses and some not. This will give participants a chance get to know each other as well as instructors outside the “classroom.” We’re excited to work with you as we learn how to best connect with each other remotely.