Rackham Summer Training Award

The Institute for Social Research (ISR)-Rackham Summer Training Award will be able to provide support for students in Division III to take summer courses offered by the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques.  The funds are specifically for current graduate students for whom such courses would significantly contribute to their graduate education.  This offer may be used to cover the fees associated with these courses when taken as non-credit courses, not for tuition for courses taken for credit.

Specifically, Rackham is able to provide 2/3 of the non-credit course cost for these courses only if there is department or faculty support covering the remaining one-third (1/3) cost. Tuition costs are not eligible expenses for these funds.

Please reference the Institute for Social Research (ISR)-Rackham Summer Training Award application which will include a way for you to provide a short code to indicate how the 1/3 remaining cost will be covered, if your department or faculty will sponsor you.