Summer Institute courses are offered in many formats. Participants can tailor course elections to individual time constraints and interests. Multi- week courses provide more in-depth coverage of a topic, include readings, homework, and examinations, and often providing participants with an opportunity to practice survey techniques. One-week courses give an overview of a methodology topic, including readings and homework. One-day workshops are offered for those who need to learn a specific technique or method in a short period of time. Graduate-level courses through the Program in Survey and Data Science are offered from June 3 through July 26 and available to enroll in as a Summer Scholar.

Participants in the Summer Institute may elect almost any combination of courses within the timetable constraints as long as they meet described prerequisites. Participants may not elect more than 6 course hours per four-week session, and no more than a total of 12 course hours for the entire eight weeks of the program without the specific approval prior to registration.