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Design and Implementation of Web Surveys

Course Date: July 8-12

Days: M-F (9:00am-1:00pm)

This one-week course introduces students to the design and implementation of online survey data collection instruments. The course is both hands-on and conceptual. It begins by discussing what is unique about web surveys and when their use is most appropriate, followed by an introduction to survey errors that can affect the quality of web survey data. Small groups of students will each develop a research problem and a questionnaire to address their problem, designed for online administration. They will pretest the question wording, program the questionnaire using a web survey development platform (no programming experience is required), and assess users’ (respondents’) experience while interacting with the web-based instrument. Students will also develop basic plans for data collection and analysis. Finally, each group will present its problem, online questionnaire, evaluation, and plans to the rest of the class.  

Why take this course?

· To gain an understanding of what should go into creating a web-based questionnaire

· To gain experience weighing the pros and cons of different web questionnaire features

· To gain experience building a web questionnaire on a standard platform

· To gain experience evaluating survey questions and their usability in an online questionnaire

1.5 course hours
Prerequisite: Some familiarity with survey research. Plans to use a web survey in a project is helpful but certainly not essential.
Location: Live Online via Zoom