Student Information

University of Michigan Identification Mcard

Mcard Center-Student Activities Building (SAB)

Phone: 734-936-2273

The Mcard is the University of Michigan’s photo identification card.  The UMID number is the cardholder’s eight digit student number or employee number. There are two types of Mcards, one yellow and one blue. Mcards have varying access to university services depending on the individual’s affiliation and registration status. Proof of identification with photo id is required.

AATA Bus (The Ride): Participants with a yellow Mcard can ride AATA (Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority) buses by showing their Mcard. Blue Mcard holders do not have AATA bus privileges. The AATA fare is $1.50.

University Buses: Please note that University buses are free, id is not required.

Library: Participants with a yellow or blue Mcard have library borrowing privileges. The names of participants with a blue Mcard will be forwarded to the Shapiro Library.

Recreational Center: Participants with a yellow or blue Mcard may purchase a pass to the recreational centers.

Summer Scholars (Blue Card)

Participants attending courses without credit may purchase a blue visitor University of Michigan Mcard.  Ask Patsy Gregory or Jill Esau to sign a request form. Take the request form, a photo ID, and $4.00 to the Mcard Center.

Summer Guests (Yellow Card)

J1 Visa Students and Academic Affiliates (Yellow Card)

Participants with attending on a J1 visa will receive a yellow Mcard. Take your photo ID to the Mcard Center.

UM Computing

Computing Package

Basic access to computing services means you can use an ITCS campus computing site or university library machine to access the web and your own (non-UM) email account.

  • UM email box
  • Statistics
  • Printing – 100 pages included with account. Additional pages may be added, allow 24 hours for processing. Copying, provisioning, charges are $.06 per black and white copy, $0.23 per page for color copies.

Information and Technology Services (ITS)

General Computing Information Links

Campus Computing Locations

You will be given a “uniqname” and UMICH Kerberos password that allows you to sign on to the University of Michigan Computing Environment. The computing site nearest ISR is the “Fish Bowl” in the Angell Hall Courtyard, which houses over 200 PC and Mac computers. The Angell Hall computing site is located at 444 Mason Hall. This site has technical staff available for questions and problems.

Logging in to Email

You can use your uniqname to send and receive electronic mail. Internet email is another option. We suggest you regularly check e-mail for notices from the Summer Institute.

University of Michigan Library


Summer Institute participants enjoy “guest borrowing” privileges at the University of Michigan Library system.  To utilize the library resources, Summer Scholars must purchase a Mcard and bring it to Room 104 of the Graduate Library to request access to the University Course Reserves at the Shapiro Library. Let the attendant know that you are a SRC Summer Institute participant. It will take 24 hours for the library to process your paperwork and activate your remote account, but you will be able to borrow reserve items from Shapiro right away. If you have any difficulty, call the Summer Institute office at 734-764-6595.

Course Reserves

To borrow items from the reserve collection, visit the circulation desk in the lobby of Shapiro Undergraduate Library. Reserve items are located in a “closed stack” area on the second floor and require a library assistant to retrieve item(s) for you. You may borrow two reserve items at a time.   To borrow a reserve item, you need to give the desk attendant a call number. You can get a call number by looking up your course at one of the two computers at the end of the circulation desk. You can also search the reserves section of the Mirlyn Classic catalog by course name, professor name, or item title/author. Write down the call number of the item(s) wanted on a slip of paper. Give the paper slip to the desk attendant to retrieve the item(s). You will need to show the attendant your MCard.


To return reserve materials, leave items in the return box located at the Circulation Desk.


Reserve items are for short-term use of high demand materials. Fines are stiff and are designed to encourage prompt return of materials. Reserve fines are $1 per hour.


For detailed information regarding the various University of Michigan Libraries and services, please view the Library Services website.