Intermediate Questionnaire Design

This course is designed to follow on from Introduction to Questionnaire Design. Now instead of looking at question comprehension from a cognitive side, the linguistic side will be explored including online tools. Factual questions will be revisited but with the goal of exploring different types of respondent memory problems and their solutions, while also covering time anomalies in surveys and quasi facts. Subjective questions will be revisited to understand attitude consistency and inconsistency, to look at the feasibility of changing attitudes to change behavioral intentions to change behaviors and to cover the popular topic of satisfaction and other customer experience metrics. Alternatives to questionnaires will also be covered such as event history calendars, internet enabled devices, GPS, factorial surveys and multi-item scales. The course concludes with ways to translate survey questions and evaluate the translation. The course with be interactive and there will be workshops throughout. Pamela is also happy to chat with participants about their own questionnaires.

988.221 (1 credit hour)
Instructor: Pamela Campanelli
Prerequisite: An introductory course in questionnaire design or equivalent experience.
Location: To Be Determined
Textbook Information: All readings will be available on the course website.