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RSD Webinar: Interventions in a Responsive Survey Design Framework

Course Date: July 8-12

Days: T/Th (9:00am-1:00pm)

This webinar to learn about implementing interventions in a responsive design framework will discuss a variety of potential RSD interventions. Many of these have been implemented experimentally, and the course will include evaluations of those experiments. The importance of experimental evaluations in early phases of RSD will be discussed. Methods for implementing interventions will also be discussed, including implementation of experiments aimed at evaluating new interventions. Strategies for implementing these interventions with both interviewer-mediated and self-administered (e.g., web and mail) surveys will be discussed. Methods for the evaluation of the results of the interventions (experimental and otherwise) will be considered. These evaluations will include measures of both costs and errors.

Not for academic credit.  

1 course hour
Instructor: Brady T. West
Location: Live Online via Zoom