Participant Resources

The following are resources that participants enrolled in the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques will find useful during their time in Ann Arbor participating in the program:

  • Holidays

There are two holidays that will occur during the 2020 Summer Institute.  Classes will not be held on these two dates:

Monday, May 25, 2020  Memorial Day

Thursday, July 3, 2020  Independence Day 

This will provide information about most aspects of your participation in the Summer Institute and provide resources for your time in Ann Arbor.

This is an alphabetical listing of Summer Institute courses and which building each class will meet in on the University of Michigan campus.

This document provides directions to the buildings where most courses will be held.  A variety of maps are available in the Summer Institute office or on the Campus Information Center website:  map and directions

  • Summer Institute Textbook and Coursepack Information  (Information to Follow)

This is an alphabetical listing of Summer Institute courses and details about what materials (textbooks, coursepacks, etc.) are needed for each course.  You can find information about the locations where to purchase coursepacks and textbooks from the Welcome and Helpful Information section.

  • Gender Inclusive restrooms in theInstitute for Social Research (ISR) are located on floors 2-5 in wing 2.
  • Lactation and Personal Care Rooms located in 1428 ISR.  Please contact our office for more information.

CANVAS is an advanced web-based course and collaboration environment.  It is a set of tools designed to help instructors, researchers and students create course websites and project websites.  Students will use their campus computing accounts (see next item) to log in to the CANVAS environment.

This document provides details about campus computing accounts.  All participants in the Summer Institute with no current University of Michigan affiliation will be provided a campus computing account for the time period they are registered for courses.  Account log in information will be available during the first day of class or you may come into our office from 8:00am-5:00pm ISR 4050 to pick up your computing information. 

Upon arriving to The University of Michigan, we recommend to go through the MWireless Access Information link and follow the instructions to connect to MWireless.  Once you are here in Ann Arbor you will be given your UM unique name and password.

Please provide the Summer Institute staff your local contact details and an emergency contact during your stay in Ann Arbor.  You can complete the attached form or provide the information via email to